Corporate Wellness Program

Business People

Diet Health offers a unique corporate wellness platform that is innovative, credible, and can be customized to meet each company's special needs.

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Wellness Solutions
  • Full-access to premium weight loss and fitness program
  • Activity-based incentives and motivational rewards
  • Content developed by physicians, dietitians, and certified trainers
  • Customized for each company's specific needs
  • Dedicated account relationship manager
  • Available for employees and dependents
  • Length of programs range from 10 weeks to 1 year
  • Proven track record with corporations.
Main Features
  • Personalized wellness account
  • 24/7 meal, fitness, weight, and accountability trackers
  • Support groups, discussion boards, and personal blogs
  • 1,000+ delicious, heart-healthy recipes
  • Workout videos and demos
  • Individual or company-wide fitness/wellness challenge
A La Carte Features
  • Kickoff videos
  • Weekly podcast
  • On-site lectures by weight loss experts
  • Step-by-step, in-home gym-free fitness ebook
  • Much more
HR Promotion & Reporting
  • Co-branded website and marketing materials
  • Incentives administration
  • Individual, departmental, company-wide activity report

Program Inquiries

Let us develop a customized wellness program for your corporation.
Contact us today at 800.444.DIET for more information.