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What wacky celebrity diet and weight loss tips are in the news this week? Get the dish on the celebrity gossip and diet rumors in these celebrity-inspired diet blogs. Often a guide for what not to do, these celebrity blogs range from useful to absurd! Find out what fad diet or crazy cleanse the celebs are trying, or gain positive motivation from the celebs that are losing weight the right way - through diet and exercise!

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Lisa M. Davis, Ph.D., PA-C, C.N.S., L.D.N. is the Director of Research and Development for Medifast. She holds a ...

Dr. Sass
Dr. Sass, Medical Director of Smart for Life, is board-certified in Bariatric Medicine and a member of the ...

Hamza Davis is the author of the ebook "Diets to Lose Weight and Maintain a Healthier Lifestyle." He has been an ...

Frederic J. Vagnini, M.D., is a board certified Heart & Vascular Surgeon. In recent years he has devoted his ...

Pilates with Hanneke
Hanneke's love for movement started many years ago at the ballet barre. After graduating with a Bachelors of ...

Lys Riley
Author of the blog, Liz Lemon Nights, Lys Riley is a self taught cook who is absolutely in love with food. She ...

Recent Expert Blogs
4 Foods to Eat to Promote Hair Growth
Posted @ 2:35pm ET on November 7, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
Hair, beautiful hair. If there was one beauty asset both men and women find as the essence of true beauty and superior outward appearance, lovely locks would place as a strong first in the line of natural beauty perks. Lovely locks, regardless of color, ...
How to Care for Your Eyes When Living with Diabete
Posted @ 1:58pm ET on October 31, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
Diabetes can be troublesome, but some people do not understand all the damage it can cause. One thing that is often overlooked is eye care. Diabetic eye diseases such as glaucoma and retinopathy can occur without proper eye care. The ...
How Less Sugar Equals Greater Health
Posted @ 12:34pm ET on October 28, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
Your mother always told you that it’s best to keep your sugar consumption to a minimum. She was correct as well. Excessive sugar intake can lead to all sorts of health problems that you simply do not need or want. If you minimize your sugar ...
When Weight Becomes a Health Issue
Posted @ 4:07pm ET on October 24, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
With approximately two-thirds of U.S. residents either overweight or obese, weight loss has become almost a national priority in terms of health care and wellness. Employers, insurance companies, and health care providers are eager to support weight loss ...
4 Diet Changes for Better Oral Health
Posted @ 4:00pm ET on October 22, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
Rock solid oral health is amazing. It can make your teeth look sparkling white and beautiful. It can make you feel terrific as well. Tolerating constant toothaches is never exciting for anyone. If you want to strengthen your oral health approach, then ...
How CBD Use Can Make You a Better Athlete
Posted @ 5:45pm ET on October 21, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
As an athlete, you’re always looking for ways to enhance your performance. Any slight advantage you can gain over your competitors allows you to get even closer to the win. CBD is something that has been talked about widely in the sports market in the ...
4 Dietary Tips to Improve Your Prostate Health
Posted @ 6:17pm ET on October 18, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
Those assigned male at birth have a prostate gland that is located in the lower area of the body near the bladder and the rectum. This gland provides several functions for the body, but it is also prone to having several health problems. Fortunately, ...
4 Foods That are Destroying Your Oral Health
Posted @ 5:56pm ET on October 18, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
Oral health is crucial for everyone. It’s crucial for people who want to maintain teeth that are powerful and attractive. It’s crucial for people who want to relish optimal health in general. Don’t forget that outstanding oral health can ...
4 Steps to Escape the Toxic American Diet
Posted @ 3:43pm ET on October 18, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
America is known for its fast food, greasy meals, and high fructose-filled snacks. While certain foods are safe to eat every now and then, sticking to the standard American diet all the time can be dangerous. With just 9.3% of adults meeting the daily ...
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