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Diet.com Weight Loss Success Stories

Over the years, thousands of dieters have achieved weight loss success with Diet.com. Here are some of our most inspiring weight loss success stories! Read on to find out how each of these Diet.com members achieved their weight loss, check out their before and after photos, and gain inspiration from their incredible weight loss journeys!
Kris Is Down 26 lbs and Halfway to Her Goal Back to Top
Within 2 months of becoming an active member on Diet.com, Kris has lost 26lbs (halfway to her first weight loss goal!)… and gained the energy to play with her 3 active kids!

"Diet.com motivates me and keeps me in check. It makes me want to succeed even more."
How Shannon Lost 100 lbs with Diet.com! Back to Top
We featured Shannon back when she was down 74 lbs. Check out this special update feature, honoring her now 100 lbs of successful weight loss!

"If I wasn't on the Diet.com website I probably would have given up by now."
How Cheryl Lost 41 lbs, Gained A New Outlook Back to Top
Having her thyroid removed couldn't stop Cheryl from dropping 41 lbs and reaching her goal weight in time for a New Year with Diet.com!

"I owe it all to Diet.com - it changed my lifestyle."
How Patty Lost 69 lbs… And Keeps on Slimming! Back to Top
Patty keeps wowing us! We featured our slimming sensation as a success story when she was down 31 lbs. Then we caught up with her 5 months later, when she'd lost a total of 69 lbs!

"I couldn't have done this without Diet.com. Being accountable to myself and my friends here is the key."
You Gotta See How Tracie Lost 171 lbs! Back to Top
Tracie used to be a postergirl for what not to do when it came to dieting. Then Diet.com helped her with the day-to-day accountability she needed. Her 170+ lbs weight loss will inspire you!

"I needed to be held accountable and that's what Diet.com provides."
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